Injury Assesment.

It's Mid-Terms week for me this week, and hopefully I will survive without falling apart.
I like the way our instructor does Mid-Terms and Finals for the Injury Assesment class. We have to draw 3 "injuries" from a hat of known issues which could potentially be
our test. We have a week to study those 3 items, and then on the day of the Mid-term, we pick one of the 3 from a hat.

The 3 I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to draw were Headaches, Lower back pain and Pregnancy (or injuries which require side-lying).

Headaches will be good, my only concern is whether I'll be doing seated treatment or treatment on the table.
I'm worried about the Psoas work for the Lower back pain, mainly because im confused about some of the Psoas stretching. I am hoping to review that tonight while in class. If you have any advice, or recommendations for Psoas stretches though, I would be ever so grateful.

Side lying work, shouldnt be too bad, I just need to review any new stuff we learned, which I dont think is too much.

I know my stuff, and I practice it often, I just dont do too well in exams.
Wish me luck.