It's Friday

The ramp up to finals is here, only a couple of more weeks to go and my Injury Assessment class is over.
It feels like only yesterday this class started.

My fellow classmates have decided we should have a weekly study group between now and finals, and I really do welcome the class so that I can retain as much information as possible.
I've also been reading the newest update to Meagan Holub's "The Magic Touch" book and am excited to see the revisions made.
As soon as I have finished I will post an updated review for you all.

I'm also working on some new projects for the site.
Site redesign, new features and some new research paper areas.
I am also considering a regular Massage News podcast to discuss news articles related to the profession. I welcome any input regarding what you would like to hear, and would definitely love to have guests once it is up and running.
So let me know what you think.