On the 9th day of Christmas

Amazon gave to me a "Tired old Ass" relaxation kit.

So I may not quite fall into the "old" category yet, but I'm working on it. I will admit that I am tired though. From working full time, and going to school, then preparing for my move back home, I feel like I have no time at all to rest. Now (as of tonight) that my finals are over, I am going to enjoy my two weeks off from studying, starting with a long, relaxing bath and pampering session. Why not treat yourself to a night of relaxation, or your spouse, partner, sister, brother, share the sentiment with someone you love. I find nothing more rewarding than surprising someone with the offer of taking care of things for them for a few hours, to allow them to unwind. I sure know that I appreciate it when the chance is offered to me. If not for yourself, pick up a little gift in similar vein to the gift set on the left, and show someone that their hard work is appreciated.