On the 7th day of Christmas

Wee sally gave to you, Seven things you may or may not know about me!

This is inspired by my good friend Cate who is also the wonderful host of Six Word Saturday.
The task is to tell you Seven things, that you may or may not know about me, lets see what secrets I can spill.

1. I am Scottish, born and bred. I moved to the US in August 2002 and have lived here ever since. My whole family still lives in my home town back in West Lothian, Scotland and I am preparing for a return home myself in April 2010.

2. My background is actually in Information Technology. I've worked in IT in some form or another for the last 10 years, and in 2008 I graduated with a BSc in Information Technology and programming. That's when I realized that IT was no longer the life for me. I've been drawn to Massage Therapy and alternative therapies for years, I just finally realized it may be my calling.

3. I'm the proud fur parent to 2 lovely dogs, one Scottish Terrier, and another which is a pound puppy we rescued a few Christmas's ago. Their names are Lily and Dozer.

4. I am a fan of Body Modification and have several Tattoos. I definitely don't fit into the corporate world, yet am still considered a bit too extreme looking for therapist work. I really don't mind being judged like this, I do understand the concerns, and most of the time I modify my appearance to look "appropriate" to the environment or situation. Only once I've proven my worth do I slowly let myself show, but I do make sure I don't push the boundaries and always work within everyone else's level of comfort.

5. My family on my mums side are Christian Spiritualists, and when I was 16 I chose to be Baptized into their church. I was given the spirit name "Patience" which I always find funny, because it is something that I feel I lack. I'm also in a very weird space right now religiously. I have "faith" I am just not convinced in what yet. I have a higher power that I pray to on occasion, but I don't practice any specific religion and am not a fan of organized religion as a whole. I'm a bit too left brained for a lot of it.

6. I get bored when I'm not learning something. There is never a time when I'm not studying. I like to say that "you will know I'm dead for sure, when I stop asking questions."

7. I'm nervous about starting my own business back in Scotland, mainly because since I've moved to the states, I've lost a lot of the self confidence I once had. I'm hoping once I'm back home it will return, because I can be quite the people person when I'm in the mood, which is great for this line of work, I'm just worried it will take a while to get there.