On the 5th day of Christmas

WeeSally gave to you, five ways to boost your Massage Business Marketing strategy.

  1. Write articles for your local paper.
    Education, that's what it's all about. The Massage industry is still very misunderstood and the only way that we can increase awareness, and make Massage a more appreciated treatment option is to educate people on the benefits of Massage Therapy. With my impending move back to Scotland, one of the first things I've tried to arrange, is to make contacts with my regions local newspaper. If I can contribute to the health section by writing articles on Massage Research or the benefits of Massage for certain conditions, I can teach people that we are a legitimate business, and I get free advertising out of it.

  2. Sponsor a local Business event, or fair.
    Attending local business events and offering "samples" to attendees is a way to network, and give a "hands-on" business card for your services. A great business community to get involved with is BNI: http://www.bni.com/ There are many local chapters and they have regular breakfasts to make friends and business acquaintances.

  3. Volunteer.
    Volunteering your services is a great way to offer community service. Not only will you be giving back, but you may be giving someone a great gift of support, friendship and an improvement on the quality of their life. More obvious options are for Hospices and Retirement homes. One option I have been thinking about recently is offering services to womens shelters. Building a bond with a massage therapist can be a good way to regain confidence and help women in shelters feel "normal" again. Nothing feels better than giving back, and what a great way to do it.

  4. Donate Gift Cards for services.
    Whether you use the Internet to market and set up a "Tweet Blast" for a chance to win Gift Cards for your services, or you participate in local charity Auctions, giving the gift of Free services will spread your Business name like wildfire. For the Massage industry, word of mouth is our largest source of new clients, and people will always talk about prizes they've won.

  5. Make Industry friends.
    Making friends with other therapists is a great way to share your business. There are plenty of Massage clients to go around, don't be scared of other therapists, in fact why not offer them an incentive for referrals? Not all massage therapists are equal, we all have our own style, and our own toolbox of modalities. If a client asks for something you do not practice, or want to book a session when you are scheduled to be on vacation, or attending a conference. Why not refer them to a Massage Therapist that you know offers that particular service. Offer your fellow therapists a "referral fee" for every client they send your way, they earn a sort of "commission" on the referral.