On the 4th day of Christmas

WeeSally gave to you, 4 of her favorite Massage blogs:

  1. Sally in Norfolk
    Not only are we lucky enough to share the same name, we now share the same profession. Sally is an established Massage therapist in the UK who has been great when it comes to helping me prepare for my return to the UK.

  2. Spalutions
    Spalutions is a great blog to offer suggestions on how to promote and market your Massage and Spa business. The recommendations from this site have been a great starting point for me planning my business.

  3. Roismhaire
    One of my favorite Massage Bloggers, who offers a great insight into the crazy mind of a Massage Therapist.

  4. Robins Massage Blog
    Yet another inciteful blog from a Therapist in the Massage World.