On the 3rd day of Christmas

Amazon gave to me, 3 different Linen options to ponder.

Currently I have flannel linens that I use on my table and in class, but I'm not sure that I'm happy with them. Particularly the top sheet, which doesnt seem wide enough for a comfortable draping of clients when I'm turning them over.

I think this affects my confidence when working with a client, which in turns transfers to my client, so now I am looking for alternate options.

So I've been looking for new linens, and found a poly /cotton blend Linens, similar to those on the right hand side. These will be delivered next week, and I'm hoping that they are still comfortable and offer good movement. Since most of these items can only be purchased for me online, it's really scary to make the move, because I dont know what I'm going to get.
The third linens on my list, are, I guess my "Dream Linens".

These are Bamboo linens, Bamboo sheets are the most wonderful feeling sheets I've ever put my grubby little paws on. But boy are they expensive. This is something I would love to furnish my clinic with, once I'm making a nice little income, so for now they are a pipe dream, but they are such beautiful sheets, and I think I might even be tempted to get Bamboo linens for my bed sheets one day.

So what are your favorite linens to use?
Also, what have you learned from your Laundry practices to ensure that your linens have a good long life?