On the 2nd day of Christmas

My Instructors gave to me, two more classes until I graduate from Massage School.

I can't believe I'm almost finished, at least with this stage of my schooling. All I have left is a "Deep Tissue" class which starts on January 4th, and then my Anatomy and Physiology class which starts January 12th. It definitely feels like only yesterday that I signed up and started school, but I am glad for every lesson I have learned.

My School Teacher and Owner, Charlie Watson has been a great inspiration and has offered a great insight into the massage world.

So where do I go from here? Once I've graduated from school?
I will be taking my National Certification, the NCBTMB, and I think I'm going to take the MBlex as well. Then I'll be able to apply for my KY License.
I know that it may appear silly to be taking these certifications and applying for my license if I will be moving back to Scotland shortly after my schooling is finished, but my reasoning for this, is to offer some credibility to my work while I settle back into things in Scotland and I can start to get my name out and gain some clients.
I am also hoping that it will offer me the opportunity to keep my career should we decide in the future to come back to the US, I'm not going to count that option out, because who knows what the future holds.
I would never have imagined 2 years ago I would be preparing to move back to Scotland.
So here is to my final semester in school, and to a lifetime of learning ahead of me.