Six word Saturday

Making gifts is so much FUN

With money being tight lately, I've started dabbling with making gifts for people. I'm not the craftiest of people, and not very artistic, but a few things caught my eye to have a go at.
The first was something I wanted to do to give people a touch of home, which was 4 days and 14lbs of sugar later, I managed to learn how to make some Scottish Tablet.
When I did finally make a good batch, it was delicious. So it is now cut up into small squares and wrapped in Wax Paper to give to my classmates tomorrow.

The second is some homemade lip balm.
I was very nervous that I wouldnt be able to pull this off, but I am happy with the results, and have tied them up in bundles of three, one of each flavour. Chocolate, Strawberry and French Vanilla.

I'm now very interested in branching out and making more homemade cosmetics, maybe i'll come up with some homemade recipes for my Massage practice.