Reader Questions

Happy Friday Everyone.
I put a call out on my Twitter account the other day asking people to DM me, or to email me if they had any Massage related questions and thankfully I have
had quite a few responses.
So I wanted to take my time and share each question with you over time and hopefully It will generate more questions, and possibly open discussion from other Therapists
as to their opinion of my answer.
Maybe we'll even have a guest therapist here or there answer some questions for you?

Is there such a thing as too much massage?

As someone who loves receiving them, my knee jerk reaction would be "Are you kidding me? Of course not!".
However, although there are no reports or findings that show damage can be caused by over massaging someone, the answer to this question is dependent
on the client.
Many people in the massage community like to tell the tale of Bob Hope, who received a relaxing massage every single day for the most of his life, and he lived
to the grand old age of 100, and attributed his longevity to his daily massage routine.
Now the massage he would receive was a relaxation massage, which is different from a Therapeutic massage.
A Therapeutic massage can be beneficial about every 2 weeks, but more could cause discomfort from over working the muscles.

So there are many aspects to consider when trying to decide how much is too much.
  • Type of Massage

  • Client

  • What the goal is

  • How often they are asking to be massaged.

  • So for a relaxing massage just to decompress, and rest I would say once a day is adequate enough, and certainly wouldn't recommend more than that.
    For more specific therapeutic massage, i.e working particular taut bands, deep tissue work, I would recommend no more than once every two weeks unless there is a
    specific injury that would require weekly work, even then once a week is more than enough.

    In the end it is all about your comfort level and how you feel your body is reacting to the massage, it's very important to listen to your body.
    Massage should never be painful.
    Personally I schedule a 90 minute massage once a month, even though I am lucky enough to receive 2 massages a week from my fellow students, I still like my own personal massage to take place.
    If I wasn't in class and receiving so many massages, I may even consider upping my monthly massage to every two weeks, that's just enough to get my fix frmo one massage to the next.
    After all once you find that therapist, and modality that is "just right" massage can be pretty addicting. :)