Why Massage Therapy?

Welcome to the first entry in what I hope to be a long and fulfilling blog about my Journey as a Massage Therapy Student, as well as the trials and tribulations of beginning my career with the hopes of running my own successful business.

It has taken me what I think has been many years to finally accept that this was a career that I felt would make me happy.
After almost 9 thankless years in the IT industry, I was stuck in the belief that I couldn't do anything else. Now I can see what a ridiculous thought this was.

Do you remember your first massage?
The excitement of being pampered, the nervousness of that one on one session with a stranger, that deep breath you take, as you lay prone (face down) waiting for the moment when the therapist first lays their hands on you?

What an exhilarating feeling, walking away on a cloud after having every ounce of tightness and stress slowly removed from your body.
I never looked back, I became a massage addict.
That was almost 6 years ago, and now I feel I have gained so much relief, and insight from my experience that I want nothing more than to share that with others.

I hope that you will join me on this journey, and I hope that I can encourage you to consider Massage Therapy as a regular part of your health maintenance.

What you can expect from my blog:
I want to let you know what my plans are for the blog so that you can also help me stay in check and do what I am promising.
Which is to offer regular articles on the benefits of massage, reviews of books, music and massage products that I have had the chance to experience. I also want to provide commentary on my progress through Massage school and offer little tit bits of Information that I have learned, or find interesting along the way.

Please feel free to email me should you have any questions, or have a Massage related blog or product that you would like to have featured on the site.