MT's charged for Music Royalties?

I noticed this post on the LiveJournal Massage Community this morning and it piqued my interest.

Hi folks -

I want to extend a big thank you to this list for getting
me off me butt to do what I have been wanting to do for years - record
music. Last year there were reports on this list of practitioners
who'd been hounded by ASCAP to pay royalties for playing music during
sessions. ASCAP regularly employs moles who spy on venues to make sure
they are paying royalties, but IMO they went too far when they started
going after massage therapists. In response, I created a royalty-free
CD of new age music for use in massage & healing sessions.

"Bed of Stars" is composed of Reiki-infused flute & keyboard
improvisations, and contains no vocals or percussion. If you have time
to drop me some feedback, I'd surely appreciate it!


Are Massage practices really being hounded to pay royalties for the music that they play?
I haven't been able to find particular blogs or news reports on this issue, but from general searching around online it would appear that
there is a high demand for royalty free music for the Massage clinic.

This is something I will certainly have to Investigate when I have more time, but I would be interested to hear of any experiences you may have had in this area.

In the meantime here are some resources for Royalty free Music for Massage therapy and similar needs.