They're giving it away free?

It must be good!
Remember those commercials? It was for a memory drug funnily enough.

During our courses at Massage School we have Clinic hours that we must do. My Instructor doesn't believe in charging the public for something the students don't earn money off, so we make up our own clinic hours.
We have to fill out forms for each massage, and have our "Clients" fill it out too so we can get credit, and over all it's a pretty good system.

However, I dont have any coworkers at my full time job. Well I have two, but neither one are an option. I do have a few friends and acquaintances around town, but not too many, as most of my friends are out of state. All my family are still in Scotland, and my husbands are out of state, so not an option for regular work.
That leaves my (poor?) husband to receive the majority of my clinic hours.

So how do you give something away for free and get people to follow through?
Ive made posts about it on my personal journals, visited friends and offered my services, as well as mentioned it on Twitter and other social networking sites.
The response is always the same.
Everyone appears to be excited and tells me they can't wait, but I never hear from them about it again.

The few people I have massaged tell me they had a great experience, and fill out the evaluations to say so, but again, I never hear from them, and always feel like I've bullied my way into working on them in the first place.

I often ask myself why anyone would turn down a free massage?

I had "Student Massage Therapist" business cards made up recently, even had "Ask about your FREE 60 minute massage!" printed right there on the card.
My email/voicemail are still empty.

I've heard people discuss the freebie problem before in regards to other services. How it is difficult for people to follow through because they think there is a catch. Most other services though, people can start accepting a fee, with Massage Therapy you can't unless licensed.

It's frustrating, and makes it difficult to feel enthusiastic when asked about it by other people. It's certainly not like there are opportunities for me to apprentice anywhere around here. Maybe once I'm finally graduated and have built up a practice of my own that's what I can do, apprentice massage therapist. It has a nice ring to it.