Baby's First Massage

The sense of touch is one of the first that we develop in our mothers womb.
Touch helps us create that first bond with our mothers once we are born, and establishing that physical bond is important early in a baby's life and throughout their development.

Premature babies in particular require touch to establish a bond between parent and child. Babies who birth quickly or by Cesarean section may be in shock and benefit from touch; the emotional development of a child is heightened by massage. It is suggested that babies who receive massage have fewer health problems and both sleep and feed better than those babies who do not receive massage.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

* Bonding – massage helps build a bond between parent and child.
* Security – massage helps secure a relationship between parent and child.
* Emotional – a baby who receives massage leads to a more confident, well-balanced and confident adult in later life who will be less inclined to experience emotional and psychological difficulties.
* Skin – as with any massage, the texture and condition of the skin improves, leaving baby with a healthy looking skin; it also improves blood circulation and helps remove waste products from the body's systems.
* Digestive - a massaged baby will suffer from less colic, constipation and diarrhea and will feed better.
* Respiratory – baby massage will lessen coughs, colds and infections of the ear and nasal passages.
* Nervous System – irritability and tantrums are reduced with massage; a calm baby will lead to a calm parent!
* Immune System – massaged babies have stronger immune systems resisting infections and other health problems.
* Joints and Muscles – baby massage leads to more flexible joints and muscles and greater co-ordination of muscular movement.

At Wee Sally's Therapeutic massage, Expecting and New parents will learn the how to bond with their baby or infant, not only physically but emotionally.
You will be taught how to prepare your baby for massage, and to watch for signs that your baby is becoming irritable and how to stay calm and help your baby relax during their massage session so that everyone can enjoy the experience.
Sally hopes that by teaching parents these tools she can promote a beautiful relationship early on in the family's life.

All massage will be performed by the parents, or family members participating in the class, and Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters are all welcome to come along.

Sally trained with Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey, BSN, LMT the founder of Baby's First Massage for her certification in this skill.

Please visit our Services page for pricing details and information on contacting us to arrange your Baby's First Massage class.