On-Site Chair Massage

Wee Sally's Therapeutic Massage provides on-site Chair Massage, also known as Seated Accupressure that is designed to meet the requirements of the corporate sector. Our massage treatments are specifically adapted for the office, meeting room or conference centre by therapists who are fully qualified.


Team members can take time out during their day for a 15 minute relaxing massage that's suited to their needs, in a private room, returning to their workstation recharged and ready for the challenges ahead.

Employee benefits

* Stress relief
* Increased energy levels
* Relief from aching & tense muscles
* Help reduce the effects of RSI
* Promotes culture of a caring employer

Off-site meetings

Boost productivity and lower stress at executive meetings, either on or off-site, by offering an invigorating massage to promote concentration. Massages can be scheduled between sessions or members can take time out when they are "off agenda". Board, executive or team meetings will no longer be a chore, but become a positive and effective team experience.

Employer benefits

* Effective & motivated team
* Reduced casual sick days
* Promotes staff retention
* Low cost employee benefit
* Reduction of long term stress related conditions

We are currently offering Monthly or Weekly contracts for those businesses interested in promoting their Employee Wellness Plans.
Each visit at your workplace or conference provides you with service between 8am and 5pm on that day.
Each Employee will receive a 15 minute massage, booked in 20 minute increments, and can be pre-scheduled prior to the event.

A Maximum of 25 employees can be treated per day, for the low cost of £160.
This works out at a cost of £6.40 per head for the company, definitely a small price to pay for increased employee satisfaction, and reduced sick time.

Contact me today to discuss your corporate contract options: 01506 238366 or Click here to Email me!