Pregnancy Massage

Many pregnant women suffer the aches and pains of carrying a child for 9 months.
Back and Pelvic pain secondary to pregnancy can be the result of poor posture created by the increased weight load of enlarged breasts, uterus and fetus.
Muscle strain and imbalance.
Myofascial Trigger points.
Fetal Positioning.
Hormonal Effects on ligaments.
Referred pain from Uterine ligaments.

We take extra care to ensure the mothers comfort during her massage.
Elevating her while she lays on her back to relieve ensure that no pressure is placed upon the Vena Cava.

To address the mothers back during massage, we perform side-laying techniques, and appropriate draping to ensure the mothers comfort. Side-laying techniques allow us to massage the upper and lower back, as well as the hip and glutes area with no need for the mother to lay on her stomach.

Some additional resources on the benefits of Massage during pregnancy can be found below:

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