Taking the right Vitamins.

One of the important lessons when attending Massage School was the nutritional side of things, and knowing exactly what our bodies need to keep it in tip top shape.

Out of all possible vitamins to ensure that you stock up on, the Celebrity of them all right now is Vitamin D.
Here are just a sampler of recent articles written regarding the importance of Vitamin D in your diet/supplements:

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So what does Vitamin D do for us?

Vitamin D helps with  the absorption of calcium, assists in bone growth and promotes strong teeth.
It also helps regulate the amount of phosphorus in the body and aids in a healthy heart and nervous system.

A shortage in Vitamin D  can lead to softening of the bone and inchildren it causes rickets – which results in bent legs.
In adults, the shortage causes loss of minerals from the bones, and weak muscles with the possibility of deafness developing.
In older people, osteoporosis may appear when protein is also lost from the bone.

It is recommended that you take Vitamin A as well as Calcium and Phosphorous with Vitamin D.
You do not necessarily need to take a supplement for Vitamin D though as 30 minutes in regular sunlight can provide you with your Vitamin D requirements.
As trends show that people are shying away from spending much time out in regular sunlight for fewar of skin cancer and similar conditions, the threat of Vitamin D deficiency
has increased.

What else can Vitamin D do for you?
Recent studies have shown that High levels of Vitamin D coupled with a Low Calorie diet and exercise can increase levels of weight loss.
For all of us working on those new years resolutions, this is great news.

Endocrine Today Study

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