Senior Massage

Senior massage is beneficial for a number of conditions, including poor posture, which results from muscle tension. Massage improves muscle tone and has a positive impact on muscle strength and coordination. This helps improve stability, which in turn helps to reduce the occurrence of injuries due to falls arising from loss of balance.

Massage has been proven to be beneficial in triggering the relaxation response and has been lauded as an effective treatment for insomnia. Chronic lack of rest can have detrimental effects on mood, cognitive abilities and immune system function.
A gentle massage performed in regular intervals can reduce the need for prescription sleeping aids.

Many seniors experience feelings of isolation and increased levels of anxiety as they undergo lifestyle changes and begin to experience the deaths of close friends and family members.
A gentle, caring touch can convey feelings of intimacy, empathy and can foster a deep connection between client and caregiver.

Please contact us if you are interested in Senior massage either as an on-site service at Nursing homes, or as an in-home service for your loved ones.