How important is Organization Membership?

How important do you feel being a Member of the numerous Massage Therapy Organizations actually is?
I recently become a member of the ABMP, I chose this one as my first membership over the AMTA mainly because I felt for a fresh face like myself it was more accessible.

There are a plethora of other organizations out there that one can become a member of, for a cost of course, each with their own list of offerings on how they can help you become a better therapist and build a better practice.

I hope that I can use my Student pack, and additional booklets from my Welcome pack to help me through my final semester at school, as well as help me on the road to building my practice and making it successful.

Which Organizations do you belong to?
What are the reasons for choosing some over others?
I hope you will join me in a debate of this so I can thrash out the Pro's and Cons.