6WS: Scrap-book-a-thon

Scrap-booking is serious business it seems!

On Friday I was given the opportunity to assist a local church fundraiser.
The women of the Covenant United Methodist Church were holding a Scrap-booking marathon which started at 3pm on Thursday afternoon, and went on, NON STOP until late saturday night.

Each of the ladies signed up for a massage at regular intervals to ensure that they didn't get any aches and pains from being hunched over their desks for so long.

The money they were raising is going to go to the Youth Ministries winter retreat where the kids will go to an area of Alabama that is still trying to rebuild itself after all these years since being ravaged by Katrina.

They were a lovely bunch of ladies, but as someone who isn't very crafty, it amazes me that scarp-booking is such a marathon sport at times :)
But good for them, it's nice to see some new and interesting fund-raising events.