Wii Gaming Related Injuries

The latest craze in family computing and fitness regimes appears to be with the Wii Fit.
There are a plethora of Exercise games, such as Wii Sports, which can be played on the Wii system using the Balance Board and the Motion Sensor controller to judge your ability to perform the exercises correctly.

Unfortunately, along with the craze has come a new form of Injury.
The Wii Injury.

Many games involve a lot of fast paced, arm movements, or if you are as graceful as I am, flailing, holding the WiiMote to record your movement.
This can cause stress related injuries in the Rotator Cuff, Shoulders, Neck and Back.

You also want to be careful of your grip on your WiiMote or Nunchuck, as they have a reputation for slipping out of peoples hands and damaging furniture and entertainment centers.

The Balance Board can cause a few problems of its own, from ankle sprains which occur from falling off the board form unsure footing, to tripping over the board if you get too tired to lift your feet high enough.

As with any Exercise regime, it is best to consult your Doctor if you have any qualms.
Take your time, and follow the instructions and you should be having fun and getting fit in no time.