Finding the right location.

In my search for the perfect clinic location, I have learned a lot about what is needed from a comfortable inviting Massage Clinic.
There are several things I have in my mind as to how I see my clinic, and a few things I would like to offer to my clients.
First and foremost I want to offer somewhere safe, comfortable and inviting.
I also want to ensure that my location is easy to get to, particularly for those who may have injuries or conditions which make mobility a problem.
Finally I also want to ensure that my practice space is large enough for both myself and client to be comfortable.

Starting out I have found that these have all been difficult "needs" to fulfill.

Most of the Massage Therapists who currently practice in my area, all work from home, or do home visits.
This can be great for getting access to clients, however, when doing home visits there are so many things you need to take into consideration.
The availability of space, a calm quiet environment, and guarantee that you wont be disturbed.
I don't believe that this can be done when you dont know what type of environment you are going to arrive at.

For those in my workable area who do have premises, I have found that they are either upstairs, which would prevent any clients with physical ailments or disabilities from being able to receive treatment, or, they are working from within a hair salon, which can often be noisy, and boisterous and doesnt harbour the quiet, calm environment I want to convey.

Am I asking too much?
For a first location, probably, but I feel I have to do what I can to offer the best service I can to my clients, and each of these items are important to that.

I have also found that it's not enough to have a location that is large in square footage.
After visiting several locations, finding that the positioning of windows, doors and bathrooms can greatly affect the layout of your clinic, and drastically reduce workable space for treatment rooms.

The good news is, that I may now have a location that works.
I will be meeting with the current leaser this week, and then at the end of the week, hopefully meeting with the landlord to sign paperwork and prepare to move in by July 1st.

Exciting huh?
I will keep you updated on the status of this, and hope to see all of you at the grand opening :)