Massage and recovering from a Stroke

Recently I have had several people asking about the benefits of Massage on those who are recovering from a Stroke.
Having several clients who are in this position, I can say first hand that I have found that the strength on their weakened side has shown improvement, as well as seeing significant improvement in range of motion, and in the health of the affected tissue.

There have been only a few studies done on the benefits of Massage and the stroke victim however their findings are very beneficial.

In a Swedish scale randomized controlled study carried out at a Swedish geriatric clinic from 1998 to1999. The patients who received tactile massage experienced a significantly higher quality of life, showed an improvement in general hygiene and mobility, and used less medication, in particular for pain and depression.

In 2004, a research study was conducted with 102 subjects on “The effects of slow-stroke back massage on anxiety and shoulder pain in elderly stroke patients.” It was conducted by staff at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Nursing and Wong Chuk Hang Hospital, in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.[1] The massage group received 10 minutes of slow-stroke back massage before bedtime for seven nights. Subjects in the control group received standard care.

Results of this study showed that 10 minutes of nightly slow-stroke back massage had significantly reduced pain, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate, as compared to subjects in the control group. Ten minutes of massage. That’s pretty significant.

Information can be found at: However a lot of the information is written in swedish.

If you are recovering from a Stroke, or know someone who is currently recovering from a stroke, I would be interested in talking with them regarding a research paper on Massage and Stroke victims.
Please email me if you would like some additional information.