Community Mental Health event.

The 7th annual Mental Health event takes place at Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn, from 10am - 12noon on Wednesday, 12 October.
There will be more than 40 stalls at the event, which is the biggest so far.
Displays include physical and mental health, healthy lifestyles, education, employment, housing, support and information, advocacy, day services and drugs and alcohol advice.
There will also be information on the types of courses available in West Lothian.
A wide range of information and advice will be available on the day, along with therapists providing calming, facial and hand massages to show the therapeutic benefits these methods can bring.
The event is the largest of its type in the Lothians and everyone is welcome to drop in.

If you have any questions regarding Massage and Mental and Physical health, please call or email us at the clinic, we would love to chat about your needs and interests and offer the most suitable recommendation for your needs.