Massage Post-Op

We've had some clients lined up for surgery in recent times, particularly for sporting injuries. Unfortunately, remedial therapy on and around the site of surgery is unadviseable for some time, often months, after treatment. This doesn't mean massage therapy should be neglected entirely, however. Many studies in recent years have focused on the pain-relieving aspects of gentle massage therapy after surgical treatment.

A new study by the Midwest Nursing Research Society reveals the potential for hand and foot massage to be used as a pain reduction stratagem. A mere 20 minute massage was enough to significantly decrease pain. In addition, heart rate was lowered, diminishing physical stress and inducing a state of relaxation. Another, which followed the results of patients recovering from open-heart and abdominal operations, found that regular massage, 'lowered the unpleasentness and intensity of pain faster than drugs alone.' It was found that gentle massage post-op may aid recovery in patients by blocking pain signals, easing anxiety, and relaxing tense and sore muscles.

A third study supporting the use of relaxation massage post-op concerns a group of 600 men recovering from major surgery. Half of the group had nightly massage treatments of 20 minutes each, this group reporting their pain to diminish at a faster rate than the group that had refused treatment. The propensity of massage to stimulate the production of mood-boosting endorphins and reduce anxiety through rhythmic, soothing motion was attributed as the cause behind the reduction of discomfort, proving holistic massage treatment has an important place in recovery.

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