12 Days of Christmas 2011 - Day 6

On The 6th Day Of Christmas, Wee Sally gave to me... An Indian Head Massage!

Traditional Indian head massages were used as a form of grooming restricted to head and hair; however more modern techniques of this timeless treatment have been extended neck, shoulders and upper arms. This promotes hair growth but mainly relieves those aches and pains that are caused by daily life. If you are stressed or angry tension will accumulate around your head, neck & shoulders, this is why the Indian head massage is very beneficial as it concentrates on those centred tension areas. The massage uses simple techniques like heel push and finger pulls to work the tension out, but also has physical benefits such as; helps migraines, headaches & it calms the respiratory system, helping asthma, and mental benefits such as; Release from anxiety, stress and mental stain, along with clearer thinking and focus. This is a simple massage to give and receive and probably one of the most beneficial.