The Benefits of Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is based on the Eastern philosophy of meridian (energy) line correspondences between nerve endings in the feet, hands and ears, which relate to various organs and zones of the body. Reflexology is said to encourage greater connection and balance between the physical and energetic systems of the body. It's a stimulating and regenerating experience that can be added onto any other massage or natural therapy treatment to create a more wholistic session.

Reflexology has been widely researched in 2011, particularly in regards to mental disorders and stress. One recent study has outlined the benefits of Reflexology for patients suffering from anxiety. Administered by nurses, this treatment was shown to both lower anxiety levels and boost immune system response.  Another study was performed on patients with dementia, revealing Reflexology to be useful at relieving mental distress and pain, without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals. Reflexology has even been shown to improve sleep quality in post-natal subjects.

Our tailored Reflexology treatment integrates elements of Swedish and Relaxation massage, and includes aromatherapy oils and hot compresses to create a treatment for you that is at once uplifting and stimulating. Reflexology at our clinic is popular both as a self-treat or a gift for someone you care about.