Massage in the News

The BBC published an article today which outlines the benefits that Patients who suffer from Facial Palsy have been receiving from regular Oral massage.
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By stretching the inside of the cheeks of several patients who have complete facial nerve palsy with a finger, while performing routine checks for ulcerations or trauma, Ms Clapham caused the paralysed facial muscles to move - something not seen before.

Oral massage is a very specialized skill, which is slowly being introduced by dental practices and specialized massage clinics.
As well as assisting clients with Facial palsy, Oral and facial massage can also assist those suffering from TMJ Disorder, as well as relieve discomfort and pain from those who chronically clench their jaws, causing grinding of the teeth and sometimes an over, or under bite.

Although we do not offer internal Oral massage at the moment, Wee Sally's does offer treatment for TMJ and this can be included in your regular massage treatment should you request it.