What is Holistic Medicine?

The term Holistic (or Wholistic) is thrown around a lot where complementary therapies are concerned. Holistic Medicine differs from conventional Western medicine in that it seeks to treat the whole person, rather than seeing a patient or client as a body only. Holistic thought is centred around the idea that we are complex organisms made up of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements that comprise a complete system, or a whole. Each component of the system must be treated in order to attain balance and optimum health. Many of the philosophies surrounding holistic treatment concern Eastern thought. From Chinese Medicine to energy treatments like Reiki, the idea of balance and oneness throughout the body is key.

Massage Therapy is an important mode of holistic medicine, aiming to bring together the body, mind and spirit in harmony to achieve homoeostasis (inner balance) as a whole person. While Western massage therapy has tended in the past to address foremost the mechanics of the body, Eastern therapies tend to give equal weight to the mind and spirit of the person being treated. It is believed that an imbalance in one system can provoke an imbalance in other systems. We can see this in how stress causes a variety of physical illnesses, including heart disease, respiratory problems and skin complaints, or how depleted spirits can be harmful to the body and have a slowing effect on the mind. We still don't fully understand the complex web of interactions between mind, body and spirit however: we are complex organisms and everyone is different.

Natural or complementary therapies have been treating humans in a holistic way for thousands of years. Science is only starting to confirm why these techniques work the way they do: some therapies stimulate feel-good hormones and kill pain, some aromatherapy oil scents activate parts of the brain associated with pleasure and trigger memories, and certain sounds can influence our physical processes and moods. The inner workings of some therapies, like Reiki and Reflexology, haven't yet been explained by science (existence of the human energy field was only confirmed 20 years ago), yet proof has been found that they have certain psychological benefits. The fact is the human body is made up of complex interactions between many forces, both seen and unseen: we just don't have the instruments or the knowledge to reveal how they 'speak' to each other yet. We are complicated organisms filled to the brim with mysteries science is only just starting to uncover.

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