Is there such thing as a 'bad' massage?

Every client has their own opinion on what constitues a great massage. A brilliant treatment is a highly subjective thing: what is great for one person can sometimes be disastorous for another. So is there such a thing as a good massage at all? The short answer is yes and no. Here's the long answer.

Massage Therapy is a delicate art Everyone is different and a great therapist will be sensitive, understanding, and a great listener, both of verbal cues and physical reactions. Often, a person's body will relate what they are afraid to voice or unable to put into words. Signs of tension, stress, or discomfort can be read in a person's body by a trained and experienced therapist, allowing the bodyworker to adapt their practice to suit the client.

Massage is a healing process No one treatment is a 'cure all.' Like every complementary procedure, massage is concerned with maintenance and establishing a new, healthier status quo. Just like you wouldn't expect to go to the gym once and be fit for life, one massage isn't going to fix everything. Regular massages (ever 2 -6 weeks) are essential for maintaining a healthy, flexible body and a relaxed mind.

Know what you want It's important to select the correct treatment for you. When booking a treatment consider the following questions:

1. Are you looking for a more relaxing or remedial treatment? These terms aren't mutally exclusive, but it's a good idea to let us know whether you want to relax or would prefer a targeted treatment.

2. Do you want to address a specific physical issue or would you like a more generalised treatment?

3. Would you like to focus on one modality or include a combination? For example, it is possible to blend hot stone therapy with deep tissue, reflexology with relaxation massage, or reiki therapy with Swedish. These are just a few of the combinations available: it's possible to pick and choose many styles to create a tailored treatment for your needs. If in doubt, your booking agent and therapist should be able to help you with choosing the correct therapy for you.

It's not all about the Massage 
A great treatment is all about the experience: your therapist should be friendly and welcoming, the room warm and the table comfortable, the lighting and music just right. If any of these things are missing the treatment, while wonderful, can suffer as a result. We understand that the setting and environment is just as important to you as a stellar massage session. That's why we use soft lighting, conduct a full client appraisal to ascertain your needs, and use  glorious heated sheepskin blankets on our tables to keep you lovely and warm.

There isn't any such thing as a bad massage, just a massage that is badly adapted to your needs. At Wee Sally we are dedicated to providing a targeted, professional service that is perfectly attuned to your individual situation and treatment goals.