Massage Frequency

We are often asked "How regularly should I come for a massage?"
Wouldn't we all love to say every week?

The truth is, that the frequency you receive a massage depends on several factors.

Why are you receiving massage treatment?
What type of massage treatment are you receiving?
How much can you comfortably afford to spend on regular massage?

In general, if you are receiving a Swedish Massage or other modality purely for relaxation and what we would call "maintenance" having a massage every 4-6 weeks is  great.

If you have an acute condition or injury, we would advise at the time of your first session what the best treatment plan would be, but we would always aim to get you back to a place where the maintenance of every 4-6 weeks applies.

In the end, it is best to receive massage as often as you feel you need it, and can afford it.
If you feel like you could REALLY do with a massage but money is tight, why not ask for a 30 minute massage and then just focus on the particular areas you would like to have addressed.
After all, some massage is better than none, right?

If money is really tight, why not contact some local massage schools and find out if the could use bodies for their students to practice on?
This will often be offered for a vastly reduced rate, or on some occasions  for free.

If you  are looking for schools who may offer student services like this, please let us know and we can put you in touch with some schools that can help.