Limited Time Only

3 Therapists
2 Days
1 Amazing offer!

We have been so overwhelmed by the support for our Service Industry Discount days, that we have decided to extend the days for a Limited time only.
From February 17th until June 30th, Service Industry Discount day will now take place on WEDNESDAY as well as THURSDAY.
You will now have the opportunity to book in with each of our Therapists across both days for this fantastic saving.
On Wednesday Sally and Susan will be offering this service, and on Thursday Sally and Lynn will be offering this service.

All modalities are available.

To qualify you must book either a 60 or 90 minute massage, to receive your £10 discount, and you must specifically ask for this discount.
You must also be employed in one of the following Service Industry positions.

Bank teller,
Care worker,
Massage Therapist,
Physical Therapist,
Tattoo Artist,
Bar Staff,
Restaurant Server,
Nursery & Teaching Assistants,
Shop Assistants,
Emergency Service Workers,
Active Military

Call 01506 238366 for further details or to request an appointment.