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AromaWeb has been the premier destination for aromatherapists, clients, and interested persons since its foundation in 1997. The website supported 4 million page views in 2011 alone (more than 50 million hits!). Featuring a bevy of information on aromatherapeutic oil usage, including more than 110 essential and carrier oil profiles (complete with uses, chemical breakdowns, and safety information)  this website is surely the Wikipedia of aromatherapeutic practice!

Browse the extensive list of articles for information ranging from basic aromatherapy infromation through to history, safety, and how to select and blend oils correctly. There are many more pieces written on more targeted subjects, such as headaches, weight loss, even the family pet!

If applied aromatherapy is more your thing, visit the recipes page, which features over 60 different catagorised and cross-referenced blends, including those for skincare, household cleaning, emotional and mental health, and many more. Should you wish to delve further into aromatherapy, there is also a section featuring book reviews and a list of useful non-commercial links that may be of interest. The website also features an extensive global business directory, should you be interested in purchasing aromatherapy oils or searching for a therapist in your area.