Best Jobs 2012: Massage Therapist

Every year, the website U.S. News and World compiles a list of the top jobs expected to see exponential growth in their fields in the next few years. Here at Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage we were pleased to note that massage therapy came in 8th in the healthcare, along with such professions as nursing, paramedic and pharmacist.

Interestingly, two other manual therapy careers, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, were also polled as therapies in demand, at 4th and 5th place respectively. The report's website underscored the increase in demand of massage therapy treatments at spas, clinics, and gyms as one of the primary reasons for the nomination.

'The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects an employment growth of 20.1 percent between 2010 and 2020', reads the report, 'adding 30,900 more professionals to the 153,700 jobs currently in this field.'

While we're aware this data is compiled with the American market in mind, we have noticed that massage therapy seems to be taken more seriously today  than it has been in the past. More people are recognising the real benefits of massage therapy, moving the industry beyond what used to be considered a luxury or a purely relaxing treatment, to something that is now seen as a primary source of relief for aches and pains, injuries and illnesses that would otherwise leave many people unhappy, emotionally frought and feeling powerless. Congratulations to all therapists and clients for advancing the position of massage!

The Healthcare Category Report is here. The full report can be read here.