Getting fit this Spring? You need to read this.

Spring is the season of new growth, new beginnings, lighter clothing and lighter hearts. It's also the season of the 'spring clean', a time to break bad habits and take up healthier ones. Let's face it: after struggling under layers of woollen knits and heavy winter coats, not to mention indulging in rich comfort foods (granted, possibly the only reason winter is bearable, apart from Christmas presents and New Year's celebrations) maybe you feel that one of those new habits should be a good programme of exercise and an improved diet.

Why not consider a regular massage as part of your fitness regime? Here's a few reasons why a good massage treatment plan can help you on your quest to get fit this season.

  • Massage helps improve your circulation, facilitating oxygen and nutrient delivery to all of your systems, particularly the muscular and integumentary (skin) systems;

  • Regular treatments help you de-stress, essential for maintaining the healthy heart needed for effective cardio workouts (a cornerstone of good physical fitness);

  • Flexibility and range of motion can be improved with the help of regular massages. Ask your therapist for some stretches to do at home to improve the effectiveness of your massage in this area.

  • Sports or deep tissue treatment can help you recover from injuries sustained during workouts, particularly injury induced by stepping up your exercise regime too quickly;

  • Often used by atheletes to speed healing and reduce downtime, sports massage can help you get fit quicker by ensuring any injuries are dealt with speedily;

  • If you've had a body part immobilised, massage can help the area return to its full range of motion;

  • Helping to improve the mind-muscle link (called proprioception), massage will assist in improving your fine and gross motor control, resulting in an improvement in performance, particularly where competitive sport is concerned;

  • Regular massage helps prevent injury by re-aligning and balancing body structures;

  • Pain reduction. Massage helps to relieve painful muscle spasms and cramps. It also helps increase blood flow to peripheral nerves that may be damaged from injury.

  • Massage can help reduce tissue scarring resulting from injury.

In the end, massages are only going to go so far in improving your physical fitness without the support of a good exercise regime. So if you've been slacking off this winter, now's a great time to hit the gym, find a personal trainer, join a new and exciting class, or just fit some more walking into your day.

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