Why You Should Upgrade to a 90-minute Treatment

Attributed to o5com @ Flickr Creative CommonsYou may have noticed we offer 90 minute treatments here at Wee Sally's.

So why would you want to book one?

  • More time to relax, unwind, and get away from it all.

  • Really get to the crux of your pain or discomfort: soreness is often more complicated than it at first appears. 

  • Provides more time for your therapist to do postural assessments, offer advice, and discuss your trouble spots.

  • More time to introduce assisted stretching into your massage: this is a fantastic tool in the therapist's box of tricks, but very time-consuming. An extra 30 minutes will allow your therapist to incorporate more of these movements into your treatment.

  • More time to relax before and after your treatment. Love the feeling of just melting into the table after a long day? Now you can have more time to do it!

  • Add another modality to your treatment: Curious about Reiki? Interested in Lymph drainage? How about trying out hot stones? The full list of modalities is here.

  • Arrange a full-body treatment: we've often found that 60 minutes just isnt enough for a full body if you've got more than a couple of problem areas. 90 Minutes allows you a chance to get a really good full-body tune up, possibly weeding out other trouble spots to work on. The site of the pain isn't always the root of the pain!

  • Move deeper into problem areas: It takes time to warm up muscles to the point that deeper layers can be accessed. If you're interested in getting to the root of your aches and pains, it takes time. 90 minutes could be just right for tracing the origins of your discomfort.

Sound good? Call us on 01506 238366  or click here to book your 90 minute treatment!