Structuring Your Treatment

When we receive a booking here at Wee Sally's, it goes a bit like this:

'Hi, Wee Sally's Therapeutic Massage.'

'Hi, It's Maureen Smith, I'd like to book a treatment for tomorrow at around 6.'

'Ok, is there a specific modality you’re looking for?'

'Not really, I'm having a lot of neck pain and I'd like that treated.'

And that's fine: here at Wee Sally's we offer a wide range of treatments custom-designed by our therapists to suit your needs. This was the aim of our recent Taster Week: to open up treatment options to our customers. It got me thinking: there's a million ways various massage modalities can be combined in order to provide clients with a well-rounded treatment targeting various problem areas. What if our clients knew a bit more about how this works? Treatments could be better tailored and our customers would walk away even happier.

Here's a few common massage/ holistic therapies techniques commonly applied together for the added benefit of the client. It doesn't necessarily cost the customer more (except an extra 5 pounds in the case of reflexology and aromatherapy treatments).

  • Aromatherapy and any Massage Modality: Comprised of the distilled pure essences of the fruit, leaves, bark, flowers and seeds, aromatherapy oils are often described as the plant's 'hormones.' These oils have powerful medicinal effects, many of which can be utilised by applying these oils topically. For example, a deeply penetrating oil used for warming up sore muscles and breaking down adhesions is eucalyptus, rosemary, and cedarwood.

  • Deep Tissue and Reiki: Deep tissue lends itself to a broad array of massage disciplines, owing to the benefits of comprising deep remedial work with other holistic therapies to soothe and relax. Reiki has been shown to do both beautifully,

  • Deep Tissue and Hot Stone: Applying heat helps break down muscle tension, allowing the therapist to manipulate the deep tissues of the body much more effectively. Especially effective when the client is tired, and sore with tight muscles. Also wonderful when our bodies have been exposed to cold weather, when our bodies seem to turn inwards against the cold, encouraging muscles to seize up and become tense.

  • Lymph Drainage and Swedish Massage: Lymph drainage treatment, employed with the use of long, gliding stokes, helps to eliminate waste fluids from the tissues, remove fluid retention and boost the immune system. Swedish Massage incorporates techniques that help break up tension and hypertonacity in the muscles. Together, wastes are removed and muscles relaxed.

  • Reflexology and Reiki: Reflexology is the application of pressure to reflex points in order to bring balance to the body's systems. Reiki's aims are similar, with the utilisation of the body's electro-magnetic energy field.

  • Deep Tissue and Reflexology: DT's focus is to access the deeper muscles of the body through the application of high-pressure techniques using the elbow, forearm knuckles and thumbs. Add reflexology onto the end of your treatment for a holistic boost: and a thoroughly relaxing end to your treatment.

  • Deep Tissue and Scalp Massage: Deep tissue massage can sometimes be an intense experience. Adding a relaxing scalp massage onto your treatment is a great way to bliss out afterwards!

Whichever way you choose to structure your massage treatment, don't be afraid to ask for advice from our trained therapists.