Thai Foot and Facial Offer!

Did everyone love the Thai Foot Massage?

Well we have decided to make it better with an exclusive add on offer for one week.

Whenever you book in for a Thai Foot Massage you will receive a FREE facial masque with hot towels. So while you are getting your relaxing foot massage, a luxurious mud mask, enriched with deep sea mud to purify your complexion, will be slowly sinking in making your skin feel fabulous! It also contains orange blossom and ginger to balance and revitalize your skin.


This offer is exclusively for this week only (15th - 19th January)

After this week it will be $5 to have this add on.
So why not take the opportunity to get that special extra and treat yourself. Call 01506 238366 or use our “Book an Appointment” button on our Facebook and at