Massage Therapy and Hand Massage

Massage Therapy and Hand Massage, By Caitlin Moffat.

As a massage therapist my hands are constantly under pressure. They can get sore, stiff & sometimes painful if I don’t do anything to treat them. I have found that a simple 10/15 minute hand massage a day can help dramatically. A hand massage has many benefits (some of which you wouldn’t think of)

  • increase grip strength
  • ease pain & tension in joints & tendons
  • reduce stiffness in fingers and wrist
  • improve circulation
  • increase flexibility
  • improve range of motion


Hand pain is a very common but much ignored issue that up to 75% of the British public suffer from. People ignore it or take paracetemol to cover it and continue with their day, but what if there was a simple solution that could have staggering effects?

Dr Tiffany Field, Ph.D. is the Director of The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical School conducted tests on the participants at the medical school in order to find out if hand massage could help.

“The researchers recruited 46 participants from the University of Miami Medical School who complained of hand pain regardless of the cause, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Most noted that there hand pain was related to computer use”

The average age of the participants was 50 years old and were all of a different race. A mixture of Hispanic, Caucasian & african-American.


“They were randomly assigned to the massage therapy group or the controlled group”


The tests were carried out as follows;

  1.  they received 15 minutes of hand massage once a week for four weeks
  2.  they were also taught a simple home routine to follow
  3.  a record was kept of each time they performed the self massage routine and were called by researchers once a week to check their progress


The results were that the participants in the massage group had decreased pain, increased grip strength, decreased anxiety & decreased depression.

Hand massage doesn’t have to be done by a professional, there are plenty of self-massage routines out there on the internet. You can have a look at a video on Youtube, or use a website with a routine.

I found a great one to use,

Now I have tried this routine over the past week to see for myself if it helped and it did!

For me this not only made my hands feel better but also my wrists & arms felt more relaxed and at ease. 


If you click on the link above and follow the routine yourselves, let us know your opinion on self massage, did it ease tension in your wrists? did it decrease joint stiffness?

This routine is not only for therapists like myself, those who work in banks and offices who do a lot of typing, answering phone calls, writing, those who suffer from repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel, this is a great routing for everyone!