Coconut Compress is here!

We have recently introduced our new Coconut Compresses and they are a hit!

The gentle fragrance of the coconut is quite the opposite of our herbal compress, It is sweet yet subtle and smells delicious as you drift into a world of relaxation. 



There is only 1 ingredient in the compress.. Pure Coconut.
It is 100% natural and when they are soaked and steamed all of the coconuts natural oils are released onto your skin. It provides skin conditioning benefits as coconut is a source of anti-oxidants plus and excellent moisturizer.


As you may know coconut oil is a wonderful thing to have. It has many uses and benefits:


  1. Replenishes dead skin cells, making you look younger
  2. 3 in 1 cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer
  3. Vitamin E makes it great for hair and skin
  4. Adds shine and volume to long hair.
  5. The high Lauric acid makes it great if you have skin complaints as it is a natural healer
  6. Helps the body burn fat quicker by speeding up the metabolism
  7. Effective against dandruff, itchy scalp and skin diseases.


Coconut is renowned for it's main properties of conditioning the skin and hair so it's just perfect to use with our Table Thai, Ultimate Thai Massage and also Face & Scalp massages. 


If you would like to try our new Coconut Compresses please call 01506 238366 and request them when booking.