Introduction To Reflexology!

Stephanie has been practicing Reflexology for the last two years and finds it a fascinating and relaxing treatment from both a therapist & client’s perspective.

Reflexology is a natural and holistic therapy that dates as far back as 2540BC and is said to have been originally used by the Chinese and Egyptians. Reflexology is based on the Chinese principle that certain areas on the feet and hands – known as reflex points, correspond to every organ in the body. Therefore it is believed that the entire body is mapped out on our feet and hands and by massaging these reflex points, it can help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself.

What are the benefits of a Reflexology treatment?

  • Stress Relieve – Reflexology provides a deep relaxation, which can help the body to balance itself and allows healing energy to flow throughout the body. This can aid in releasing tension and improving your general sense of wellbeing.

  • Muscle Relaxation – The energy in our body is thrown out of balance when muscles become tensed or over stressed. Therefore the nerve pathways that connect muscles to the rest of the body become congested. Reflexology can help stimulate the nerve endings in the feet to release energy and relax the muscles.

  • Improved Circulation – The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body and helps to eliminate toxins and remove waste products. Reflexology stimulates the circulatory system and helps to get that circulation going!

  • Cleansing and waste removal – The lymphatic, urinary or the intestinal systems can become blocked due to a build up of waste. This is what causes us to feel bloated and sometimes sick. Reflexology can help release these blockages and cleanse the body of impurities by helping the body to eliminate waste and drain inflammation and fluid retention. This is also why it is very important to drink plenty of water after a reflexology treatment as you may become dehydrated, and replacing your fluids is important to prevent that sluggish feeling.

  • Sense of wellbeing – Reflexology helps to relax and the balance the body, improve psychological health through a sense of deep relaxation and enhance energy levels creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.



Join us this month for an Introduction to Reflexology.
Receive a 30 minute Reflexology massage followed by post-treatment consultation outlining the discoveries made, how this will impact your current health and a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

This 30 minute session will be offered throughout August at the low, low price of £15 so call us on 01506 238366 to book today!