Avoid slips and falls this winter

The weather has finally turned, and the mornings bring us icy, slippery paths and walkways.

With there recent news that West Lothian Council will not begin gritting/clearing pathways until after 8am, we may find particular during work days that it’s a treacherous journey getting to the car/work/school.

We have created a little infographic for you to help give some tips on preventing slips and falls this winter that we hope will help.


Trust us, even following these suggestions, slips and falls can happen anyway, even to us. In fact our lovely Janice had a slip and fall this week that has put her out of commission for a few days. Our bodies are precious, so we have to take good care of them.

Slips and falls can happen unexpectedly, and our involuntary muscles will engage in an effort to prevent the fall. This can cause muscle strain in uncommon areas, along with stiffness, or even bruising and bone fracture from the impact. 

If you think you may have broken or sprained something, call your doctor.
The next step you should take is to get an ice pack (yes, more ice...sorry!) and apply it to the area(s) of injury. Ice can help control swelling and inflammation.
If you need us, call us at the clinic to see if we can fit you in for an emergency massage session, now the we are more space and more therapists, are able to leave room in our schedules for cases like this. 

Many health benefits have been revealed through massage and a big one is the prevention and treatment of injuries. Stretching connective tissue through massage helps increase blood circulation which assists in tissue repair. Muscle tension is a major source of pain for people and massage can significantly reduce discomfort from injuries.