Should I keep my massage appointment in this heat?

It's roasting right?

These are the warmest temperatures that we have seen here in Scotland in decades. It's difficult enough to function doing every day tasks and stay cool, but you realise you have a massage appointment schedule sometime over the next few days when the temperatures are set to peak and you are probably asking yourself if you should keep it scheduled or change/cancel it?

Your muscle function diminishes during periods of extensive heat – along with your energy levels, you feel sluggish, it's difficult to sleep etc….
If you work hard, play hard or BOTH there is no doubt that you are working your muscles hard and you need to make sure they are at their best.

How do I make sure my muscles are at their best?
Muscle tissues need plenty of hydration, as well as good nutrition to make sure they function at their best. Lack of appropriate nutrients and fluids can lead to muscle spasms, cramps and sprains. In high temperatures this is even more difficult as we tend to become more hydrated and don't replenish our fluids enough.

What problems can hot weather cause for our muscles?
When we work or exercise, our muscles produce lactic acid, this is normal, but often it can build up within the muscles fibers and tissues which is what can contribute to spasms, cramps or strains, our range of motion can become limited, and we can gain what some people refer to as “Knots” in the muscles. These pockets of lactic acid if not dealt with, can cause pain and discomfort.
These “knots” are referred to professionally as “nodules” which form on the muscle fibres when the muscle goes into a state of semi-permanent contraction. it can be a very painful experience as you will know if you have ever experienced this.

What can your massage do for you?
A professional massage therapist will apply a range of techniques to your muscles to release the areas of the muscle which are in a state of contraction. This will help increase muscle tone and help to restore the muscles to full potential.

Who can benefit most from massage in hot weather?
Everyone can benefit – Stress levels increase during extreme temperatures along with sluggishness and massage can help with providing relief. This stress and tension can also lead to headaches which massage can also help with.
Your sleep pattern can be improved which will then clear your thinking and concentration.

Massage also releases important feel-good chemicals in the brain – namely endorphins and dopamine helping our sense of wellbeing, and for some people this can be essential.

If you have any questions or concerns about keeping your appointment during these extreme temperatures, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your options.