Andrea’s thoughts on water


It’s that simple. We are so fortunate to live in a country where all we need to do is turn a tap to access this magical resource. There are tremendous benefits to drinking enough water daily and it’s certainly more beneficial to your wellbeing after having a treatment at Wee Sally’s.


If I’ve ever given you a treatment you’ll know I’m the ‘water police’ and here’s a few reasons why:

Circulation: water allows the valuable nutrients we ingest to flow into our blood stream and circulatory system where they can be distributed to all cells and organs

Detoxification: water flows through the lymphatic system removing toxin build-up due to stress or medicine residue, for example. This plays a part in maintaining the body’s PH balance. When you have a treatment at Wee Sally’s we are also releasing waste for elimination. Water greatly helps this process

Hydration: the body’s main component is water so we must maintain this balance

Skin: water hydrates our skin to feel and appear supple and dewy. It also enables our skin to be efficient as a barrier against free radicals

Weight loss: drinking water helps eliminate fat and makes us feel fuller for longer, therefore less snacking

Can increase energy

Can Improve concentration

Helps relieve headaches/migraines/menstrual cramps/muscle tension

And these are only a few!

If you are aware that you don’t drink enough, remedy this by adapting your routine a little; like pouring a glass with breakfast or taking one to bed. Seeing it will remind you to drink more and you’ll see and feel the rewards.

Water. It’s that simple.