Pregnancy and Essential Oils

As our understanding and experiences of pregnancy evolve, our beliefs about what can or cannot be done during pregnancy also evolve.

This is the beauty of the massage world. Like the medical world, as our peers make observations, perform case studies and research into the treatments that we provide we gain a deeper understanding of how the work that we do impact our clients.

There are so many “myths of massage” relating to the pregnancy and post-natal populations, and the real reason there are so many fears associated with working with this population is the lack of research. And lets face it, no one really wants to “experiment” on a pregnant client, it’s just not considered “ethical”.

But there are things that we do know, and that can guide our practice as we better understand the physiology and pathology of pregnancy, and todays topic has come up after receiving requests from clients to incorporate essential oils into their treatments.

So let’s address it from a therapist/practitioners perspective.
When we train in Pregnancy and Post-natal massage, we must submit our proof of education (and from an educational establishments point of view, often our lesson plans and syllabus) to ensure that the quality of education meets the associations standards and requirements.

For the majority of therapists at our clinic our association of choice is FHT, The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

3.5.2 Certain essential oils should be avoided when treating pregnant clients, as it is believed these could be potentially harmful to the client or developing baby, or may impact
conception/pregnancy. Non-aromatherapists are advised not to use products containing essential oils, unless these have been prepared specifically for use on pregnant clients by a
reputable aromatherapist or aromatherapy product manufacturer.

The key here is ensuring that the therapist providing your treatment is not only qualified in Pregnancy massage, but also in Aromatherapy so that they understand which essential oils can be used at each stage of pregnancy, and which are best to be avoided.

A confident and knowledgeable therapist will be able to describe the essential oils used, and the affect of each of them on your body during your pregnancy. These discussions between therapist and client are important to establish a level of trust, and so that you know that you are being well taken care of by your therapist.

The exciting news is that the NHS throughout the UK is also educating their midwives, and staff involved in caring for pregnant women on using Essential oils during pregnancy and even during labour to help ease the discomfort of labour.

York teaching hospital even provides a list of the Aromatherapy options and the essential oils that they will use while you are under their care:

If you would like to add that something special to your Pregnancy massage, chat to your therapist about your treatment expectations, and lets see if we can create the perfect pregnancy blend for you.

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