On the 10th day of Christmas

Amazon gave to me, a study guide to help with Finals and Certification.

As finals for my Injury Assesment class approach, I realize i'm one semester short of finishing school and sitting my Nationals. I think I am going to take the MBLEX as well as NCBTMB certification. This is partially the over-achiever in me, but I'm hoping it will give me good merit once I'm back in Scotland.
It's never too early to start studying and preparing for an exam, so why not start now.

Do you have any recommendations for Certification study guides?
What are you favorite methods of study?

Book Review: The Magic Touch

A bad habit I have when I get interested in something is buying and reading every and any book about the subject I can get my hands on.
One of the first I found was "The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist".
Meagan Holub seemed inviting when I did some research on her, and found her website: Hundred Thousand Dollar Massage and I felt like I could relate to her a lot.
She does run her own Massage clinic after all, and must be somewhat successful to have written a book based on her experience.

I wasnt expecting the book to be the Ultimate guide to an awesome Career in Massage therapy, but I did find it to be Inspirational, and will be keeping it on hand to re-read during
those times when Im feeling defeated.
The Advice was common sense in the business world, with a twist to make it more relevant to the Massage Therapy field, however most of it (I would hope) is information you would
learn as you go through your schooling.
I was a little disappointed by the quality of the book, mainly from the editing point of view. I think having a few more proof readers would have helped me enjoy the read a bit better.
I found myself getting frustrated about 30 page in by the regularity of the mistakes and how difficult it made reading the book.

After some research I found that the edition I purchased was somewhat a "Rough Draft" of the book and that there were several revisions going into place prior to the next
print, I think it would have been nice to know this in advance so I wasnt so confused during my first read through.

Overall the book was fun to read and made the thought of running your own Massage Business a little less scary for the n00bs like me.
Great as a confidence booster and for some advertising advice, I hope that I will be able to get a look at the next batch to see that the few quirks it had have been cleaned up making
the book a much more pleasant read. I would definitely recommend it as a go to book when inspiration is low.