This was one of the first words I learned when I attended Massage school, and it became my favorite word and has stayed with me ever since.

Borborism ( or technically Borborygmi) is the sound that growling sound that our tummies make.
The sound itself is mostly caused by "peristalsis" which is when your intestines contract to move stuff through your digestive tract.

I love this word for several reasons, one of which is just becauses it is fun to say. It has a cool sound. The main reason I love this word though, is because when I hear Borborism, it's my clients body's way of saying "Good Job".

I love hearing the sound of a stomach growl, because it tells me that my client is experiencing a physiological reaction to my massage, and that they are becoming more and more relaxed.

Clients often apologize if their Stomach growling is somewhat loud, but I say "Hey, don't apologize. It's a good thing" sometimes if i'm feeling paticularly cheery I may even thank them for the growl.

We always seem to associate this sound with being hungry, but now we know that it's the body having a physiological reaction to "something" try to figure out what that might be.
It could be hunger, but it could be many oher things, take comfort knowing that it could just be your body relaxing.