Why we do #FreeMassageFriday


What is #FreeMassageFriday?
Every Friday on Facebook, we offer our friends and clients the opportunity to win a 60 minute massage of their choice. We run this every friday, and sometimes we are even generous enough to pick two winners from the entrants. It's a fun little way to start the weekend, and it allows the internet to join in on a little competition.
But people have questioned my sanity in offering this week in and week out.

The truth is that one of my core beliefs when opening my clinic was to make massage accessible and affordable to everyone and anyone who wanted or needed the service. With the economy struggling to recover, and families feeling the pinch there are some people who could really benefit from a treatment, who may not be able to afford one, so this is my way of giving them that chance.

It also allows someone who may not have received a massage before, or who may be a little nervous about trying massage for the first time, the chance to check out our services without handing over their hard earned cash for something they aren't sure they would enjoy in the first place.

So I give everyone the opportunity to take part, and potentially win a treatment.
They can choose from any of our available treatments, and the session is a 60 minute session.

What do I get out of it?
I discovered the term for this was the "Give to get" system, when I took some training with Eric Brown at BodyworkBiz  learning how to get the word out about my practice, and really share my message with the community.
After all community is important.
The effect of a massage won't only benefit the recipient, but will also spread like a ripple effect to those who surround the client. The sense of calm, and contentment will spread to friends and family even coworkers that they come into contact with. Who then also share those feelings with others around them. That is a huge pay off for me.
If my client enjoys the treatment they receive, they will share that experience, it may get me a referal, it may not. But someone has said something nice about the experience they had at my clinic. That is reward enough for me.
...and for that reason alone, I will continue to act like Oprah, and offer my #FreeMassageFriday each week. 

Taster Week @ Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage

Here at Wee Sally we offer a myriad of treatments. Ever wanted to try reflexology foot massage? How about a relaxing reiki session? Or maybe you want to sample some deep tissue massage? It seems that many of our clients are curious about the wide range of modalities that we offer, so we've decided to run a complimentary 'taster' week, running from the 27th - 31st of March.

The details:

* Book in a free 10 minute mini-treatment to sample what we have available (limit of two per person over the course of the week, one per day).

* You may add on a free mini-treat onto any pre-booked appointment: just let us know at the time of booking to avoid disappointment on the day.

* Modalities on offer include: deep tissue, swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage, reiki, reflexology (hand and foot), head and/or facial massage. Call us on 01506-238366 to have a chat about which treatment is right for you.

* As a special gift to you, every full-length massage booked with Susan,our resident aromatherapist, will include a complimentary aromatherapy blend for use during the treatment or for you to take home. Susan will be happy to make up a blend especially tailored to your needs.

The clinic will also be well-stocked with gift bags filled with goodies for one and all (no need to book a full treatment). So try something new this Spring and hop into Wee Sally for a little on-the-spot pampering! (Or call us on 01506-238366 to book your free taster today!)