Follow Friday:Rockabye Baby Music

I've decided i'm going to use fridays to highlight some people, products or things that I love or use in the clinic.

My first Follow Friday is going to go to Rockabye baby Music, on twitter they are @rockabyebaby

I was introduced to their albums about two years ago not long before I started my massage training, and soon discovered how much I LOVED listening to their music while working on clients.
The lullabye style of music is soothing, and light, and I find that I feel more calm and grounded when I'm working while listening to the music.
This my friends is not the best part of  this story though, the secret behind Rockabye Baby's success is that the albums they produce, are all of popular rock bands and artists.

Who wouldn't love listening to lullabye versions of Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana,  No Doubt, Kanye West and so much more.

I've slowly been collecting their albums as we go along, and can't wait until I have the full collection, you should check them out.
Here is a sample of their Lullabye rendition of  Def Leppard's Pour some sugar on me!
Pour Some Sugar On Me by rockabyebabymusic