Andrea’s thoughts on water


It’s that simple. We are so fortunate to live in a country where all we need to do is turn a tap to access this magical resource. There are tremendous benefits to drinking enough water daily and it’s certainly more beneficial to your wellbeing after having a treatment at Wee Sally’s.


If I’ve ever given you a treatment you’ll know I’m the ‘water police’ and here’s a few reasons why:

Circulation: water allows the valuable nutrients we ingest to flow into our blood stream and circulatory system where they can be distributed to all cells and organs

Detoxification: water flows through the lymphatic system removing toxin build-up due to stress or medicine residue, for example. This plays a part in maintaining the body’s PH balance. When you have a treatment at Wee Sally’s we are also releasing waste for elimination. Water greatly helps this process

Hydration: the body’s main component is water so we must maintain this balance

Skin: water hydrates our skin to feel and appear supple and dewy. It also enables our skin to be efficient as a barrier against free radicals

Weight loss: drinking water helps eliminate fat and makes us feel fuller for longer, therefore less snacking

Can increase energy

Can Improve concentration

Helps relieve headaches/migraines/menstrual cramps/muscle tension

And these are only a few!

If you are aware that you don’t drink enough, remedy this by adapting your routine a little; like pouring a glass with breakfast or taking one to bed. Seeing it will remind you to drink more and you’ll see and feel the rewards.

Water. It’s that simple.

Bathgate’s Best Kept Secret wins top Industry Award

Having been in business in Bathgate since 2010, Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage has been providing Pain relief, Relaxation massage, functional recovery and a variety of Spa treatments to their community.

On Sunday November 29th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sally Chamness the founder of Wee Sally’s received “Masseuse of the Year”, an award which was nominated by the general public and presented by Creative Oceanic, the organizers of the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards.

Sally’s mission has always been to encourage people to take ownership of their health, and to reconnect her clients with their own bodies. Offering on-going support for her clients to ensure that they can maintain a healthy, pain free lifestyle.


Around 40% of people presenting to primary care with an episode of acute low back pain develop chronic low back pain.


And these numbers continue to grow, so through continued education that sees Sally travel the world, learning from the best Massage Therapists, and Bodyworkers she can find, she has brought these techniques and skills back to her “wee clinic” hidden just off the high street in Bathgate.



 “I’m so honoured to be recognized for this award, and hope that this helps people learn about the benefits of including massage in their health and wellness plans.” commented  award winner Sally Chamness.

 “Massage is often seen as a high ticket service, or a luxury and I want our clients and community to know that we continue to maintain affordable treatment options so that everyone can benefit from our services. We continue to work with local support groups and special interest groups in the community to bring their members subsidized treatments to help in their continued health and recovery. I hope that through the recognition of this award we can truly bring Massage to everyone in the community who could truly see an improvement in their quality of life through massage treatments.”


A Gift for you from us.

...and a maybe a massage or two!
February is here, and love is in the air.
This month we decided that we wanted to give everyone a little bit extra to look forward to from their massages and have created two delicious FREE add-ons to choose from.

Turkish Delight Aromatherapy Add-On
A combination of Cardamon, Rose and Black Pepper essential oils create this delicious Turkish Delight style aromatherapy blend to use during your 60 or 90 minute massage. 
As well as a delicious aromatherapy message, you will be able to take away a vial of the blend to make the experience last at home. Use the blend in an oil burner, or add a few drops to a relaxing bath. 

NYO Wild Rose Mini Facial
Add the NYO Facial treatment using the beautiful Wild Rose Balm to any 60 or 90 minute massage session. This is our favourite skin care product that leaves your face feeling fresh and smooth, and the scent is amazing. 

To claim these add-ons simply request at the time of booking your massage so we can make sure that we have everything ready for your appointment.

Finally, the romantic day itself.
If you are lucky enough to be booked in for a treatment on Saturday February 14th, we have some little gifts to give you to make your day even more special.

Don't forget our Gift Vouchers, you can purchase a gift voucher by popping into the clinic during clinic hours, however you can also use our online booking system to purchase a gift voucher and have a fancy email created and sent to your recipient.

If you haven't used our online system before, it can be a little bit confusing at first, but don't worry, we've included a step-by-step guide linked below to walk you through the purchasing process.

Have a wonderfully joy filled February, we can't wait to see you at your next visit.


December News

Can you believe that it's December already?
I know it feels just like yesterday we were celebrating the new year, and it's upon us again in the blink of an eye.
We know everyone has been anticipating what we will be offering this Christmas, we know you won't be disappointed, we just need a little more patience as our offers as always start on December 13th where we will begin our 12 days of christmas extravaganza!


If you don't get the opportunity for a visit during the festive season, I hope that you have an amazing time with your friends and loved ones, and we'll see you in the New Year. 
Much love from Sally, Caitlin and Stephanie xxx 


Hot Stone Reflexology

New to the clinic this month, Stephanie is now offering an amazing Hot Stone Reflexology treatment. 
Spice up your Reflexology treatments with the addition of Hot Stones.  
These treatments are available in either 60 or 90 minute sessions and follow our existing pricing structure. Give Stephanie a call and get booked in TODAY!

12 Days of Christmas

We know you have all been waiting on our Gift Card Deals and other Holiday offers. As always our holiday deals will go live on Saturday December 13th. 

We will issue an email, and post the details of each deal every day for the 12 day duration.

Some offers will be long term, some will be available on that day only, so be sure to check your email, or Facebook regularly to find out what is available. 
Holiday Schedule
In all the chaos of the holiday season, you'll want to take a note of the following changes to our Schedule so you don't miss out on your chance to get booked in.
Dec 24th: Appointments until 5pm
5pm-8pm Gift Card sales only
Dec 25th, 26th: Closed

Dec 27th: Open 10am - 8pm
Dec 28th - Jan 5th: Closed

Jan 6th: Regular Clinic Hours Resumes
Sally will be on Medical Leave December 13th - January 6th

The timing isn't the greatest, but I received word late last week that I will finally be having the Gall Bladder surgery i've been waiting on since July. The surgery is scheduled for December 13th, and as long as all goes well I will only have a 2-3 week recover period.
During this time I will be unable to provide treatments, however I will be attending the clinic from time to time to help the girls out with the reception and managing our 12 days of christmas event.

I want to thank you for all the support you have given over the last few months regarding my health issues, and I look forward to coming back in 2015 with renewed vigour and ready to provide you with the best massage and clinic experience possible.

Have an amazing Holiday Season. 

The Best Laid Plans

Good Morning Everyone, 
I hope you have had a great week, and are looking forward to the fun events around central Scotland this weekend.
Bathgate has the Pipe Band Championships, and it is also the Edinburgh Marathon this weekend.

I wanted to write to you all to thank you for the support over the last few months as I got through the last term of my pregnancy, and although I had hoped that I could continue to work up until Saturday 25th of May, it seems that my insistence to push on has caused a few more issues than I would have liked.

On Wednesday May 22nd I started having some health issues, and after trying to resolve them with my local healthcare practitioners, I ended up in the hospital and being admitted for more monitoring and tests.
Although my symptoms eased off on the Thursday, they are still of a concern so I will receive ongoing tests and monitoring every few days now until the Baby finally makes her arrival.

I have been allowed to come home but ordered to rest, and take it as easy as possible.

The good news is that baby is lovely and healthy, it's just mother incubator that is starting to fail.

I want to first apologize to anyone who may have had an appointment scheduled with me Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Caitlin has been attempting to contact everyone since Wednesday night to update them on the status of their appointment. Our first goal is to ensure that your original appointment can be covered by Caitlin, however if that is not possible we are attempting to reschedule for the first available appointment that is suitable to your needs.

I feel terrible that I have had to cancel some appointments, and can only apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing people, but at the moment my health has become a priority.

I hope that we will have some news regarding the baby in the next few days/weeks and then we can start to plan my return to the clinic.
I am sure you will all be in very capable hands with Caitlin during my leave.
If you have any issues and would like to contact me, I can still be reached at

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Kindest Regards,
Sally Chamness 

Protecting your Childs Back

Now that the kids have gone back to school one guaranteed item of their must-have list is their schoolbag or back pack.
Not only should we be concerned about the health of our own backs from our day to day activities, we also need to consider the health of our children, as bad posture habits start early, and an ill-fitting or over burdoned backpack is one of the first causes of back and neck pain in school children.

I have linked below an article which addresses things you should consider when purchasing, and loading up your kids backpack, and also suggestions on how to prevent the backpack from causing lasting pain and injuries.

Backpack Safety


Important things to remember:

  • Never purchase a backpack that is too large, or too small for your child.
  • Try to encourage your child to wear both straps, as this distributes the weight that they will carry.
  • Try not to overstuff the backpack with every book the child owns, do they really need EVERY book EVERY day?
  • Teach your child how to lift properly, bending their knees, and not putting too much strain on their back.


We hope this helps ease your kid back into school, and helps minimize the stress of those first few weeks.

Massage Therapy Helps Improve Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

A recent study conducted at the Center for Integrative Medicine, Tsukuba University of Technology in Japan, has found that massage therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

The study tested patients diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson's disease, aged  from 55 to 85 years, who were administed half hour sessions of traditional japanese massage. The symptoms measured included abnormal gait, frozen shoulder, muscle pain, hypophonia (soft speech due to dysfunction in the vocal muscles), heaviness/lassitude of body part, and fatigue.

A 20 metre walking test was administered, along with shoulder angularity tests and a visual analogue scale employed to judge subjective symptoms, such as pain. The results showed an improvement in shoulder flexibility, a reduction in pain, and an improvement in the walking gait of patients. All patients participated in the study in consultation with a neuropathologist, and combined the treatment with conventional pharmaceutical drug treatment.

While the researchers concede a larger sample group (including control participants) is required to verify these initial findings, the study's results are intriguing. To read more about this study, click here. 

Best Jobs 2012: Massage Therapist

Every year, the website U.S. News and World compiles a list of the top jobs expected to see exponential growth in their fields in the next few years. Here at Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage we were pleased to note that massage therapy came in 8th in the healthcare, along with such professions as nursing, paramedic and pharmacist.

Interestingly, two other manual therapy careers, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, were also polled as therapies in demand, at 4th and 5th place respectively. The report's website underscored the increase in demand of massage therapy treatments at spas, clinics, and gyms as one of the primary reasons for the nomination.

'The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects an employment growth of 20.1 percent between 2010 and 2020', reads the report, 'adding 30,900 more professionals to the 153,700 jobs currently in this field.'

While we're aware this data is compiled with the American market in mind, we have noticed that massage therapy seems to be taken more seriously today  than it has been in the past. More people are recognising the real benefits of massage therapy, moving the industry beyond what used to be considered a luxury or a purely relaxing treatment, to something that is now seen as a primary source of relief for aches and pains, injuries and illnesses that would otherwise leave many people unhappy, emotionally frought and feeling powerless. Congratulations to all therapists and clients for advancing the position of massage!

The Healthcare Category Report is here. The full report can be read here.

Limited Time Only

3 Therapists
2 Days
1 Amazing offer!

We have been so overwhelmed by the support for our Service Industry Discount days, that we have decided to extend the days for a Limited time only.
From February 17th until June 30th, Service Industry Discount day will now take place on WEDNESDAY as well as THURSDAY.
You will now have the opportunity to book in with each of our Therapists across both days for this fantastic saving.
On Wednesday Sally and Susan will be offering this service, and on Thursday Sally and Lynn will be offering this service.

All modalities are available.

To qualify you must book either a 60 or 90 minute massage, to receive your £10 discount, and you must specifically ask for this discount.
You must also be employed in one of the following Service Industry positions.

Bank teller,
Care worker,
Massage Therapist,
Physical Therapist,
Tattoo Artist,
Bar Staff,
Restaurant Server,
Nursery & Teaching Assistants,
Shop Assistants,
Emergency Service Workers,
Active Military

Call 01506 238366 for further details or to request an appointment.

Should alternative medicine be available on the NHS?

4 thought TV is a weekly show on Channel 4, which asks a question related to a specific moral or ethical quandary, then presents 7 videos from different people involved with the issue in order to stimulate debate. This week 4 thought TV will be focusing on the question: 'Should alternative medicine be available on the NHS?'

Short talks are available on the 4thought TV website, ranging from those from practising natural therapists to licensed doctors. There are also opinions from patients that have been involved with natural therapies, such as Andrea Giles, diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2009, who talks about her use of natural therapies to help her through her illness. At the other end of the opinion scale is Dr. Raymond Tallis, who asserts that certain therapies are 'anti-educational' and 'ineffective.'

Balancing the scales are Bowen Therapist Martina Hinds, whose personal experience with fibromyalgia and spondylosis lead her to a career as a massage therapist, and qualified herbalist Leanna Broom, who asserts that 'herbal medicine is thousands of years old, and has proven itself to work.' She believes that complementary therapists should be funded by the NHS, 'to help thousands of people to alleviate their suffering.'

Occupying the middle ground are Sense About Science campaigner Sile Lane, osteopath and MD Professor David Tallis and Steven Issilis, whose wife died of cancer while obtaining both conventional and complementary therapies. The arguments provided are thought provoking, and already a healthy debate is raging in the forum. Make up your mind at here at 4thought TV online.

We're Back!

Many of you may be aware we had an electrical fire at our Bathgate clinic late last month that managed to burn through paint, supplies and our kitchenette. All in all, it wasn't the best time of year to suffer a fire, with many people on holiday it's taken a while to get cleaned up and re-organised.

See the damage here:












We have been operating for the past month in nearby office space, a handy temporary solution, but as you could imagine not ideal for a clinic. We'd like to thank all of our customers for your patience and understanding over this time. The good news is that we have everything painted, installed and arranged, and with the arrival of our new door (a mildly important addition!) we have now re-opened to the public! Woo-hoo! We have a newly co-ordinated reception area, new chairs, lights and a new colour scheme to help you relax.

See our new clinic below:

Long story short, we'd love to see you in for another appointment!

Come and say hi and enjoy our wide range of treatments today.

You can still call 01506 238366 to schedule your appointments, or book online at

Massage and Low Back Pain

A study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine has found that massage therapy may reduce or relive chronic back pain for a period of six months or more.

The randomised controlled, paralell-group trial was conducted by Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD, of the Group Health Research Institute, in Seattle, Washington, and colleagues, at a local health care unit. The study focused on 401 people, each assigned either relaxation massage, structural massage, or usual medical treatment.

Cherkin's team of researchers discovered, "Massage therapy improved function and decreased pain more than usual care in patients with uncomplicated chronic lower back pain [LBP] after 10 weeks."

"We found that patients receiving massage were twice as likely as those receiving usual care to report significant improvements in both their pain and function," Dr. Cherkin said in a press release. "After 10 weeks, about two-thirds of those receiving massage improved substantially, versus only about one-third in the usual care group."

Interestingly enough, the study found that, "No clinically meaningful difference between relaxation and structural massage was observed in terms of relieving disability or symptoms."

The test subjects were mostly women with nonspecific chronic low back pain who were enrolled in a single healthcare system that provides treatment to a mostly white and employed population, suggesting more studies need to be done on the wider community in order to generalise the findings across socio-economic, gendered and ethnic borders. Results, however, are encouraging, helping to confirm what we see every day: massage therapy eases pain, promotes a relaxed, alert state of mind and a healthy body. Book a treatment with Wee Sally today to balance mind and body.

Do you work for a Charity or Support Group?

The therapists at Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage are always striving to become more involved in the community.
Our training provides us with the skills and knowledge to offer assistance for many  long term illness, physical conditions, rehabilitation and mental health support.
We would love to offer our services to your Charity or Support group, to meet with  the group and present the benefits of Massage for their Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing.
We will also provide information on research which backs the treatments we offer and the benefits to the conditions that we treat.

We provide these presentations free of charge, and also offer all attendees the opportunity to visit our clinic and receive a complementary session with one of our Therapists.

If you would like to arrange for us to present to your group, please contact us at 
Some of the conditions that we regularly treat are:


Multiple Sclerosis
Stroke Rehabilitation
Post Surgery Rehabilitation and Scar Reduction
Chronic Pain sufferers
Eating Disorder Rehabilitation
Mental Health Support and Wellbeing

Any questions regarding what we can support, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

Edinburgh Clinic Re-opens Monday January 16th.

We are back at our Edinburgh Clinic on Monday January 16th.
The clinic is located in Daybreak House Wellness Center, 12 Marchhall Cresent, Edinburgh.

We currently have appointments available at the following times:

If you would like to be scheduled for an appointment, please call 01506 238366 ASAP before the times are filled.

We are now available at this location EVERY MONDAY.
So make sure you get booked in advance as spaces are limited.

Free Massage Fridays

Every Friday on the Internet is Follow Friday.
Well we have just upgraded this event to "Free Massage Friday".
For every person who follows our Twitter account @weesally and retweets our #FreeMassageFriday tweet, you will be entered into our Prize Draw for a free 60 min massage.
If you follow us on Facebook, and you like our page/post you will also be entered into the prize draw.

Terms and Conditions:
Only one prize per person.
Massage must be redeemed within  3 months of receipt.
Cannot be exchanged.

Merry Christmas

Everyone at Wee Sallys Therapeutic Massage would like to with all our Clients and their families a very Merry Christmas.
We hope you enjoy the next few days with your family and  friends, and hope to see you in the new year.

We will re-open on Wednesday Dec 28th, and will be open Wed-Fri 12pm - 8pm.

Lots of love to you all this Festive Season.

New premises

Our new premises are now fully set up, and we have two lovely treatment rooms available.

We are located upstairs in the same building as the Clinic, in 48C/2.
This is signposted as the Carlson Suite.

Sally has appointments from 12pm-3pm and them 4pm-8 tomorrow (Thursday Dec 22nd)
Lynn has appointments available between 12pm and 5:30pm.

Call us to schedule yourself in on 01506 238366 or book ONLINE

12 Days of Christmas 2011 - Day 12

On The 12th Day Of Christmas, Wee Sally gave to me… Our Lovely Harrison!

Now Harrison is always in the clinic. He greets you as you enter, he can help in finding out what may be causing pain or discomfort, he is educational and even dresses up for holidays... (This year he was a Devil for Halloween.) So who is Harrison? He is our very special Human Skeleton Model.


New Address 48C/2

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts regarding the incident at the clinic.
We can only be thankful that there were no injuries or people harmed in any way, and that we were able to save a lot of our property from the clinic.

We now have a temporary location which will be 48C/2 North Bridge Street.
This is in the same building that the clinic is currently located, but we are now up the first set of stairs as you enter the lane from North Bridge Street.

We will be open as of 12pm Wednesday December 21st, and are still booking appointments, and offering Gift Vouchers for sale.

If you need to schedule your appointment, or would like assistance in finding the new location, you can call us on 01506 238366
We appreciate the understanding during this rough time, and hope that once we return to the main clinic it will be even better than before.